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2010年4月18日 (日)

Bicycle Restoration (Before & After Video)


Most of the bicycles I restore are listed as "JUNK" on Yahoo auction.  Admittedly most are in rough shape and the majority of people write them off as just junk.  But under the rust, under the grime and crudd are treasures.  For example, last year I found a 1954 Magnet Bicycle listed as JUNK on Yahoo auction.  This bicycle was awarded the prestigeous Ministry of Industry and Trade's "Best Bicycle of the Year 1954".  Long story short, I was the only bidder and scored a great bicycle for a few bucks.

The beauty of old things is that they are over-engineered and built to last a lifetime.  So with a little elbow grease she cleaned up real well.

Click on the link below to watch the "Before & After" video on YouTube:
(Turn on your speakers to enjoy some fine background music!)

CLICK→ Trash to Treasure

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Very nice work Richard. Both the bicycle and the film. What program did you use to edit the film? iMovie?

Was the dynamo in working order or did you rebuild it?

BTW: just picked up a THIRD project myself. I think though it will NOT be restored.


Nice score with the new addition. Strange how the locals don't place much value on the treasures right under their noses! Lucky for us!

Man, I struggled with the slide show. I am 48 and didn't touch a computer until I was in my late 30's. I tried various progams and then after spending hours creating only to discover that I couldn't post it to YouTube due to incompatibility with format. Ahggggggg!

The simplest and easiest way is Photo Story 3 for Windows. Highly recommend it. Stay away from MemmoriesOnWeb that is a deadend software, looks good while creating but after positng the quality is very poor.

Dynamo was in working condition. They are wonderfully engineered. But here an interesting tidbit, the knurled rollers used to weardown. I found it hard to believe as it is metal against rubber, but true. The edges on the knurled roller become dull and thus lose their traction over time. Also the dynamo itself is a good indicator of the age of the bicycle. Based on volts and watts, older dynamos have higher volts and watts.

Good luck with your new addition and happy wheels!


石川さんのご紹介で拝見しましたが、確かに感動モノです! こういうのを「腐っても鯛」と言えばよいのか、手放した人にとっては「宝の持ち腐れ」だったと言えばよいのか…。

ところで一点、Ministry of Industry and Tradeは通商産業省のことでしょうか? だとすれば通称MITIですから、Ministry of International Trade and Industryでしょうか。 英語としては不自然かも知れませんが…。

石川さん、 ご連絡をありがとうございました。去年石川さんが紹介してくれたビデオを見て思い付きました。


こちらこそ、ブログを拝見させていただき、「NO DAY BUT TODAY」感動しました。お写真が実に素晴らしいです。


通産省はおっしゃる通りMITI(Ministry of International Trade and Industry)が正しいです。


石川さん(CCV)の事務所によくお邪魔してランドローバーの整備について助言頂いているBird Dog(みんカラ)といいます。
自動車も自転車も模型も大好きでちょっと台数が多くなってしまって手入れが行き届かなくなってきました。自転車でのんびり散歩するのが好きなのですが、犬を連れて散歩する時間が増え、早めの速度で歩く事が多いのでほとんど自転車に乗らなくなってしまいました。家にいる特はボンネットを開けてクルマを整備したりしていますので車庫に置いた自転車も活躍の機会がありません。このサイトは石川さんのサイトで知りましたが、もし『ARAYA Swallow Standard』にご興味がおありでしたら見て頂けないかと思いましてここに書き込みさせていただきました。

『ARAYA Swallow Standard自転車』



ARAYA Swallow Standard自転車に興味はあります。もしよければ、リンクか写真を送っていただけませんか。 showajitensha@hotmail.co.jp

石川さんにも「Angie & Keith」にもよろしく。




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