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2019年1月 5日 (土)

Customized Hidori Bicycle


What better way to start off the new year than with a creative touch.  Last year the topic of selecting a project was raised in ‟Bridgestone Bicycle (① Selecting a Project)”, "  ‟Yamaguchi MARUWAI-GO (① Selecting a Project)”and, ‟Yamaguchi MARUWAI-GO (② Before/After)‟. Along the same lines let's take a look at another project, this one with a creative twist.The photos are courtesy of M-san, an avid vintage Japanese bicycle restorer, collector and contributor to this blog (see ‟Sekine (Ultra-Special Class)” and ‟Hidori Bicycle”).

Starting with just a frame, the theme of this project was to create as retro-a-look as possible without trying  to  achieve a copy-exact model.  That said, M-san spent nearly 3 years scouring sources to find original Hidori-brand parts.  His efforts were well rewarded by miraculously acquiring, one-by-one,  original Hidori-made chaincase , chaincase cover, chainwheel, crank arm, front fender (Japanese only), rear fender, leather saddle, fender stay badge and cosmetic bolts (Japanese only, tiny fender stay/reflector bolts). 
Let's take a closer look.

Once again, keep in mind that the project started out with only a frame.

Note the long head tube, swooping down tube and 2-tone color olive with mellow yellow accents.

Large Ogura-made headlamp. First time I have seen an Ogura-made headlamp, or any headlamp for that matter, with the manufacturer's name on the lens itself  (Ogura=オグラ).

Lots of Hidori markings.L1810540


The whitewall tires and rims are present-day parts but as previously stated the theme is to create as retro-a-look as possible.  The whitewalls certainly add a retro feel and a touch of class.L1810544

Genuine Hidori-made sprung leather saddle.

Also note that the tip of the gold pin-stripe (Japanese only) on the rear fender ends in an arrow.L1810542

Chainwheel cover also acquired separately.

Flared front fender.
Note the fender stay badges and tiny fender stay bolts bear the Hidori logo. L1810551

Rear flared fender.
Reflector/fender stay bolts bear the Hidori logo.L1810553L1810541

This is a great reminder that the restoration theme is up to the restorer and there is no need to be confined to restoring to copy-exact. 

Hats off to M-san for creating one-of-a-kind bicycle that is certain to turn heads.

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